My wife and I recently made the move from Glasgow, UK to her home province of Beautiful British Columbia™, Canada. While we’re getting set up over here, we’ve been graciously hosted by my parents-in-law. And as a direct consequence, we have all been playing a veritable butt-ton of board games – foremost of which has been Boggle.

When stumped for a gift…

It’s a fun game, and one variant is to sit around without any timer running and openly shout out words (of 4+ or 5+ letters, to keep it interesting) as you see them. After a while, you get the impression that there cannot possibly be any words left to find – but is that really the case? I wanted to find out…

…And I also wanted to avoid using one of the innumerable free solvers available out there, for the sake of – erm, fun?

So, as a weekend project, I wrote the above Boggle solver, publishing for Flash, (and courtesy AIR) Android and iOS, and uploaded the source code to GitHub: https://github.com/hanenbro/BoggleSolver. Please feel free to do what you like with it; the licence is MIT.

Here it is running on a Nexus 7 tablet and iPhone 4S

For anyone looking just to install the app on mobile (for those crucial on-the-go Boggle scuffles), the APK will install for any device set to allow 3rd party apps, but the IPA will only work for jailbroken iOS devices, unless you recompile with your own provisioning profile.

The app is using a modified word list from InfoChimps, with the words shorter than 3 and longer than 16 letters removed (per the rules and limitations of game). That still leaves around 100,000 words, so at least in my usage, it tends to come up with a high percentage of never-before-seen lexical wonders. Educational tool or ego-deflating depression fuel? You decide!


I'm Adam Vernon: front-end developer, free-time photographer, small-hours musician and general-purpose humanoid.