The Kinetype Family

While this endeavour is still in its infancy, I thought it’d make sense to itemise the facets of my substantial (for which, read: insubstantial) web presence, and the plans I have for each.

  • blogFirstly, there is this thing you are reading: the blog; blog-dot-kinetype-dot-com; http://blog.kinetype.com/ Here, I’ll try to keep things mostly (if not strictly) business. You, gentle reader, probably don’t need to know of the peculiarities of my digestive tract, nor read my ideas for Harry Potter / Twilight crossover fiction. I have a twitter account for that. Posts will mostly be split across Flash projects, recorded music, photography, graphic design and maybe some writing – the things I like to do in spite of all the evidence and death threats.
  • blogNext, there’s the WWW subdomain, http://www.kinetype.com/ This is where I stuck the prickly fruits of my undergrad dissertation, submitted earlier this year. It’s for autonomously animating English text, à la human-authored kinetic typography, built in Flash, Python and Flex. It’s somewhat unpolished, but half of the planned improvements are coded up and ready to go, so it’ll be shiny in no time. Yeah.
  • blogLastly, I’ve re-uploaded an old site of mine, Hope Park Square, to the HPS subdomain, http://hps.kinetype.com/ Back only for posterity, this train wreck lasted just six months during 2005, before the card I paid the hosting fees with expired. While I’d put up with them passively, I couldn’t bring myself to register my new details and voluntarily give skanky hosts Angelfire more money. Plus, I had a girlfriend by that point; my need to charm internet babes had been quelled.

And those are the things of mine on THE INTERNET.


I'm Adam Vernon: front-end developer, free-time photographer, small-hours musician and general-purpose humanoid.