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Oh… hi! Originally, my opening gag for this post was going to be something along the lines of: ‘Huh. This thing still works…?’ – however, the joke is firmly on me since the ‘’ domain has just reached its year anniversary, and without an up-to-date card on file to renew my ownership, expired unceremoniously. So, no; that thing does not still work. (If you go there now you’ll find a charming ad-laden placeholder and an invitation to step in and claim that red-hot goldmine. Feel free, entrepreneurial reader, to wreak havoc with my brand identity.) Though the option’s still open to renew, I realised that this inventory should now be at the center – rather than the kinetic typography generator to which this blog was first tacked-on. Et cello… a new domain!

So, post shake-up, said generator can be found at, the old Hope Park Square back-up is now at, while this guy is at the www subdomain, or just plain Why do I get the feeling it wasn’t many posts that ago I was just explaining the last domain set-up…? Enough meta-posting; content!:

I am employed as a Flash developer now. Sweet! This has exactly two benefits:
1) Career finally on track to Coolsville (definitely in an outer borough already), and
2) People asking what I do, unaware of the platform, just think I’m a developer, but a particularly fancy (and arrogant) one. Score.

I work for the wonderful Thought Den <3 – check them out, yo!:

Thought Den, or: Ed('s) Thong Hut

I’ve been made to feel more than at home by Ben and Dan, awesome director-fellows and Kings of Thought Den. They even made a hugely awkward and dorky (completely unfair and impromptu) film of me screwing around with an iPhone-OSC-Flash thing I put together, partly based on the learnings of my previous post on OSC-to-Flash music visualisation. If you can stomach it, read and watch here.

This job move has also meant a spatial move; 302 miles south (woo!) and 70 to the east (boo!). Let’s see, that puts me in … oh, Bristol! Neat! I couldn’t find my camera while I was packing to move (four hours before my flight…), so forgive the sub-par photography, but the Bristol adventure has so far resembled this:

Not Bristol but Troon, in the bleary small hours, packing unfinished - 'Time I took a picture!'

At the airport, in a PA deadzone, obliviously writing an email and missing the boarding call (but only a little bit)

I think I might live along here one day.

Some, uh- scaffolding. It was very, very blue.

Convinced I'd dreamt this, yet there the picture was, in my phone. My clothes and hair were also filthy, and I found a bloodied half-brick, bundled up in my jacket.

What lovely colour sense the engineers and forsakers of this bridge had!

Ah, lucky cats: quintessential Bristol

An economy religion

I might've known it would be a seagull, captaining the shellfish-restaurant-boat

And if thou gaze long into a spiralmonkeyface, the spiralmonkeyface will gaze also into thee.

A more opulent, cobwebbed religion

This isn't actually a photograph but a screencap from when I was wandering through a VR simulation from the 90s. Shortly after, green teapots whizzed past me to collide with a man made entirely of chrome. The shattered pieces then morphed into the word 'cool!' in Comic Sans. Terrifying.

No, naughty cat! Stop it! This isn't your house. But help yourself to Crazy Landlady's frozen food (somehow kept outside during summer...).

*sigh* Doesn't it just make you want to pedal an old bicycle, go buy some bread maybe?

In other Flash-activity / Flactivity, here is a little …Flupdate: I made a desktop clock (a deskclock, if you will) gadget, deploying through Air. It runs like this:

Note: displayed time correct only occasionally; click for greater accuracy

It needs polishing up and some customisation options, since it’s hardcoded to suit my desktop (above the cat), so I’ll add a nice menu and post it here with the source and everything – like a real community-oriented developer! ALSO: The mouse-position wobble thing was a late and non-final addition. The new Flash Player 10.1 and Air 2 runtimes yielded some bizarre corruption, with Sprites seemingly masking-out each other in places they shouldn’t, and at irregular intervals. Bug report en route – but for now I’m having to update all TextFields each second, and ensure the clock is redrawn every frame (not the sveltest of overheads), so I decided to do at least something with the spent processor time, useless as it may be.

Pledge: next update in less than a month.

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  1. Kaila Engar 2010.10.04 4:22am

    Dear Mr. A. Vernon,

    Our records show you are past-due for your pledged amount (re: update within one month)–kindly forward your pledged amount to our head office at the present time. If we fail to receive your pledged amount within ten (10) working days, our collection agencies will be sent to receive your pledged amount in person. (i.e., a large, hairy man will wildly swing a crowbar about your flat.)


    Miss K. Engar

  2. Adam 2010.10.16 10:19pm

    Miss K. Engar,

    Thank you very kindly for your interest in, and attention to detail regarding, the frequency of posts submitted to this enterprise (aKineticBlog Limited). I note with some dismay that yesterday (October 15th, 2010) marked the last of your afforded ten (10) days’ extension granted to me for the purposes of making good my considerable blog (web log) post deficit.

    Regrettably, my resources have of late been focussed on other areas. I understand that a representative of your collection agency may already be en route. However, if it is not yet too late, would you consider renegotiating our arrangement, perhaps through a face-to-face meeting? If suitable I would like to propose we meet on the morning of Friday the 29th of October in London. We may not be able to bring this matter to a close without a frenzied commotion and the disarray of furniture within my property, but I am hopeful that we could do so in a manner more convenient for us both.

    Yours in confidence,

    A. Vernon

  3. Lucas 2013.06.06 7:03pm

    I have a very large interest in your kinetic text generator. We should talk soon. It may end up making you rich. I am going to be launching a very large website that is a wiki for startups and entrepreneurs very soon and Kinetic Text is a very large interest of many startups and entrepreneurs as well as established businesses. So we really need to be chatting before the big launch so that

    A) Your website doesn’t crash

    B) So that your awesome project can go on to make a lot of people very very happy.

    You have done something that nobody else has done publicly and make a kinetic text generator. That is no small feat.

    Contact me through the email address that I used to publish this post. If you cannot find that, please contact me on and I am user testmypatience

    You can directly get to me there by clicking this link:

  4. Gregory Gillam 2015.07.25 2:59pm

    Is there a way someone could purchase a copy of your kinetic text generator for their own personal use? We are a small ministry in Southern California and would love to have something simple instead of the hours we currently have to spend doing titles and intros for our ministry videos in AE.

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