Winter observations

The following is from a roll of film I had developed just before Christmas, with pictures shot in November and December, on location in Glasgow and Troon. I used a Ricoh KR-10 camera with 35mm B&W film (ISO 400) and a dreamy Pentax Asahi SMC lens borrowed from my father with a heroic f-number of 1:1.2 / 55mm.

A grey Glasgow Green

Goose Jail: this fella's doing time for honking after 11pm, but he's in with the arm-breakers all the same. I slipped him some cigs; he'll be OK.

The cloud factory, working overtime for Glasgow

Each time I looked up, the dark triangles drew closer and moved down a level. I woke up tasting blood, the last 8 hours unaccounted for, with the ability to recite Pi to a million decimal places.

I like to be upfront with my UFO spoofs when it comes to suspension mechanisms.

A sculpture of rust

Shot? Shut???

I know it's rude to take overt pictures of people walking past in the street, but I genuinely don't think she saw me do it.

I could just detect a continual dull scream emanating from within this bronze sculpture. Neat.

Labradogs sleep with both eyes closed, but with nostrils primed and twitching, ready for action at the drop of a cake.


"And this is some sort of typewriter-television, is it?"

Hey, this is an OK photo. Maybe I'm starting to understand people...?

- No. I selected inanimate objects for focus over actual human beings.

What animal could have made such tracks? A bird?

Uh- a large, wingless, galloping bird...?

A self-duplicating, seemingly aggressive but ultimately friendly group of birds...???

Yep. Bird tracks.

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