With a graphics tablet, you can draw!

Continuing a retrospective theme (definitely not stalling while I work out what fresh material I’ll put here), I thought I’d stick up a few of the things I’ve made with the graphics tablet Santa brought me last year – plus one I’d borrowed in 2007. ‘Tis very much the season once again and, conveniently, a few of these were Christmas cards I’d scrawled for family members a few years back. Topicality, hot damn! High-five, Santa Christ.

Firstly, the cards. Not much to say; they’re not good, but that’s all part of starting out, right?

This year, my sister got married, and had asked me to assemble a design for the invitations. The process was a little strained thanks to misaligned visions and limited creative freedom but we settled on something eventually:

For the birthday of chum Andy, I made a t-shirt design based on this Korean sign (which may or may not be authentic accidental Engrish), and on his love of swine-based consumables. I then had it printed by these chaps.

More recently, it was Kris’ birthday, and so I drew a t-shirt for him too. The inspiration for this came from the evening he and I were playing at an open mic night. Bless his timid soul, he was nervous about singing, and so we conjured an alter ego for him to assume while on stage. Thus, JERKASAURUS REX was born! Rawr.

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